The Cooper Legacy

About Cooper Corporation

From: ‘Nestled on the banks of a majestic river in the idyllic foothills of grand mountains you will find Cooper Corporation astutely and discreetly redefining business, spearheading innovation and serving our customers worldwide’

Founded here in Satara in the Indian State of Maharashtra in 1922 under the guidance of Sir Dhanjisha Cooper and now under the leadership of Sir Dhanjisha’s son Mr Farrokh Cooper, Cooper Corp is a prominent engineering company manufacturing and supplying a range of products based on our CRDi engines and acting as OEM suppliers of sleeves, flywheels, cylinder heads, centrifugal cast cylinder liners and machined large engine crankshafts to many of the worlds’ better known manufacturers.

The Cooper Legacy

Founded by Sir Dhanjisha Cooper and growing from that first foundry established in 1920, the Cooper Corporation is now a group of eleven companies researching, designing, manufacturing and supplying precision engineered products.

The first Cooper Foundry was built in Satara here in Maharashtra in an attempt to better the condition of India's poor by increasing agricultural production, by 1921 the foundry was manufacturing the first Indian Made all iron plough.

Since that time Cooper Company (Pvt.) Ltd and later the Cooper Corporation have been at the forefront of supplying innovative high quality engineering products, often as the first manufacturer of an Indian Made product.

1920 Cooper Company (Pvt.) Ltd Foundry established
1921 Foundry begins manufacture of first Indian Made all iron Plough
1922 In association with Imperial Keighly and Duncan Sratton, we build and begin roduction of India's first Diesel Engine
1923 We begin the manufacture of Power Oil Expellers (groundnut, decorticator), Crushers and Sugar Cane Crushers
1940 Manufacture of Hattersly Power Looms at Satara
1942 Manufacture of CB, CC, CD types of Horizontal Diesel Engines
1943 In association with Albert Herbert we manufacture the ND Lathe and the Capstan Lathe
1945 KCEO model Diesel Road Roller and Cooper Burn Type Road Roller are built
1949 In association with Mr. Tom Craven, we introduce our RCB / RCC Horizontal Diesel Engines and Medium Speed Horizontal Diesel Engine
1954 The CR26 Ricardo Comet III Diesel Engine is introduced. This was followed by the CR19, CR14, CR40 and CR50
1962 We started production at Cooper Metals
1982 Cooper Foundry Pvt Ltd began production
2005 Cooper Foundry Pvt Ltd becomes the Cooper Corporation
2006 We begin the manufacture of Cylinder Heads
2007 Contract for design of Euro IV compliant CRDI engine family with Ricardo (UK) and commenced operations in our Export Orientated Unit (EOU)
2008 We begin the manufacture of Wind Power Castings
2009 Our Research and Development Centre is recognised by the Department of Science and Technology of The Government of India as we begin the project that will lead to our 2 cylinder engine and Genset business
2010 The Government of Maharashtra confers 'Mega Project' status on the Cooper Corporation in Satara
2011 3 cylinder, 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder Engine Development Programme started
2013 Saw the introduction of the EMD Business, a Laser Hardening project for Liners, Heads and Pistons and the Aluminium Foundry introduced automated Windmill Die Casting, Gravity Die Casting, Low Pressure Die Casting and High Pressure Die Casting processes
2014 Expanded melting capacity in foundry for 2500 tonns per month with 46 CNC Machines and 16 Robots
2015 Signed Contract for Designing an extension of our most modern Engine family with Ricardo from 3.5 kva to 1000 kva.

The Cooper Corporation is still a family run business, Mr Farrokh Cooper is our Managing Director and Chairman of a Company Board of Directors consisting of Mrs. Maharookh Farrokh Cooper. Ms Manisha Farrokh Cooper, Mr.Zal S. Cooper,Mr. Jinendra B Patil, Mr. Suryaji G Swami, Mr. Ramesh Jadhav.