Engine Components

Equipped with state-of-the-art plant and machinery, we have the technology and expertise to manufacture the entire range of cylinder liners and sleeves for tractors, jeeps, automobile and stationary industrial applications as per international standards.

We have carved a niche for ourselves in the domestic as well as the overseas markets. In fact, Cooper is among the top three manufacturers of cylinder liners worldwide and a trusted source for crankshaft machining for OEMs.

Our capabilities in components also include Centrifugal Casting, Sand Casting, CNC & Robotic Machining Lines, Crankshafts Machining, Engineering, Product and Material Development.

Apart from cylinder liners and crankshafts, our component portfolio consists of cylinder heads and cylinder blocks, valve seat inserts, flywheels and pulleys, crankcase insert, aluminium parts, pistons and anti-polishing ring.

Our futuristic infrastructure supports our capabilities and progressive goals for delivering the highest quality components to our clients world over.

The Cooper Liner / Cooper Grip Liner

Cooper Corporation converted a pressed liner design to Cooper Grip Design and started manufacturing the Cooper Grip Liner in cast iron and bainitic iron. We take pride in the Cooper Liner which is being delivered to customers across the globe. Find out more about the Cooper Liner in the 'Component Portfolio'.

Assured Quality Standards

All plants are certified with ISO/TS-16948:2009 & ISO-9001:2008 for quality management systems. We're also EMS ISO-14000 certified. All quality certification is done by TUV SUD, IATF/ NABCB accredited certification body.

Lloyds approval & ABS approval: Our foundry plants are approved by Lloyds & ABS for casting manufacturing process, casting capacities from 5 kilogram to 2.5-metre cylinder liners. This is the key requirement for process approval by marine engines.

We have consistently ranked very high in customer satisfaction surveys and have bagged many Customer Appreciation Awards in all the years of our operation."

Cylinder Liners Cylinder Liners

Cylinder Liner is the most important part of an engine, where the actual combustion is taking place. The liners are normally manufactured from cast iron in grades FG20 to FG55. The performance of an engine & capacity of engine is mainly decided by the liner inside diameter. Inside diameter & its surface finish is the most critical parameter of cylinder liner; we are specialize in manufacturing it with a highly-equipped process. Key performance properties of cylinder liner are wear & tear, anti-galling & life.


We now produce 8,000 tonnes of Cylinder Liners per month, placing us as one of the Top Three Manufacturers of Cylinder Liners in Worldwide. Our Research Division has developed centrifugally cast Cylinder Liners manufactured with our own formula alloy cast iron. The use of this alloy cast iron gives phenomenal wear resistance and corrosion resistance with optimal durability and resistance to scuffing. All Cylinder Liners are finely ground and bore machined to the last micron for that unique 'Cooper Grip' finish. Cooper Corporation Cylinder Liners are used in Locomotives, in Earth-moving Equipment, in the Automotive Industry, in tractors, in the Oil and Gas Industries, in Power Plants, in Gensets and in other Domestic and Industrial applications.

Sand Casting - Cylinder Heads & Blocks Sand Casting - Cylinder Heads & Blocks

The cylinders heads are either modular or integrated and are designed as per the engine requirement. We are making both types of heads. The entire valve assembly fits into the cylinder head. The valve seat valve guide is the most critical part of the head & is manufactured with special tools & the machining process. The combustion in the engine is mainly dependent on the head. The cylinder heads are manufactured in cast iron & compacted graphite iron.

The cylinder heads are manufactured from single cylinder to multiple cylinders. The cylinder block is the main part of the engine, on which all the parts get fitted.

The blocks are designed based on the engine requirements, and they are manufactured from single cylinder to multiple cylinders, they are manufactured from cast iron grades ranging from FG25 to FG35, COMPACTED GRAPHITE IRON. The crank shaft bore, camshaft bore, cylinder liner bore, HLA bore are the most critical parameter of the block. The block are manufactured on the specialized equipments & tooling. At Cooper Corporation we produce all types of Cylinder Heads and Cylinder Blocks to customer specifications. These are manufactured on an imported Moulding Line with strict controls on the core to ensure leak proof Cylinder Heads with clean water passages. We supply Cylinder Heads fully machined, pressure tested and assembled with valve seat inserts, valve guides and yoke guides

Sand Casting Cylinder Block
Cylinder Casting Cylinder Head
Crankshafts Crankshafts

The crankshafts are mainly manufactured from forging and spheroidised cast iron and machined with very critical machining process. Crankshafts are designed based on the engine requirement, those are from single cylinder to multiple cylinders. The pin diameter, main diameter, throw, pin & main width, surface finishes are the critical parameters of crank shaft. All crankshafts are induction hardened to main & pin diameter at 50~60 HRC. We supply crankshafts both in India and to an international client base for Automotive, Marine and Industrial applications. The Cooper Corporation is equipped with casting and facilities to manufacture S.G. Iron Crankshafts. We use a CNC Sander and Super-finishing Machine in our production process and expect to install an Induction Hardening Machine.

Flywheels Flywheels

Flywheels also the critical disk type part of engine made from cast iron, spheroidised graphite iron on permanent tooling process. All flywheels are made by using vertical centrifugal machine to maintain the consistency of casting integrity, imbalance within less than 1gm, mechanical properties & easy to machine process & balancing. The motion & timing to the engine is given by flywheel. Flywheels are made from the cast iron grades FG 20 to FG 30, ductile iron. At Cooper Corporation, our Flywheels are manufactured from quality materials according to customer specifications. We use state-of-the-art balancing techniques and devices to ensure quality, durability and a smooth, quiet performance in every product.

Flywheel And Pulley
Valve Seat Inserts Valve Seat Inserts

Valve Seat Inserts are super alloyed cylindrical parts with high heat resistance, high resistance to wear & tear, with high Mechanical properties & strength of inserts. These are made in two types: inlet & exhaust. Valve Seat Inserts fits into the cylinder head parent bore & the valve gets fitted into this. The seat angle is the most critical parameter of the valve seat insert and is manufactured with the high precision machines & tooling. Designed to suit a wide range of applications, Cooper Corporation Valve Seat Inserts are manufactured with the necessary tolerances and high quality levels to allow installation directly into the Cylinder Head Guide Bore without additional work.

Valve Seat Inserts

All Cooper Corporation Valve Seat Inserts are centrifugally cast on important Casting Machines. The centrifugal process assures that the castings are sound and will pass all radiographic examination.

Aluminum Parts Aluminum Parts

Aluminum parts are manufactured with processes such as gravity die casting, low pressure die casting or high pressure die casting. The process is decided based on the volume & criticality of the component. We are well equipped with the facilities for all the aforementioned processes.

Aluminium Parts
Pistons Pistons

Piston is either manufactured from aluminum or from cast iron. This significant part fits into the cylinder liner with the piston rings. The combustion in engine is mainly dependent on the piston. We are manufacturing Pistons for large bore liner in cast iron with Tin plating